Here’s our Sam guarding the gates of Hes…

Here's our Sam guarding the gates of Hes...

Here’s our Sam guarding the gates of Hesper Farm – and as you can see, he’s loving every second of it.

It’s safe to say he looks harder than A-level algebra in this one – definitely someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley (or a dry stone tunnel as is the case here).

If you look past the stone walls and equally stony face though, you can sneak a glimpse of the paradise we’ve built here at Hesper!

At the age of 21, a lot of other farmers thought Sam had lost the plot when he first built Hesper’s state-of-the-art Skyr shed – us included. But luckily for him, we’re young, passionate, and forward-thinking people, so instead of laughing Sam off the farm, we all took a plunge and dived into the Skyr dream too.

Blending award-winning Yorkshire dairy with ancient Icelandic processes was an insane idea, but it ended up being the best one Sam’s ever had.

Because the result was Hesper Skyr – a product we couldn’t be prouder of – so a big thank you to everyone here who helped make it happen!

Sam’s so chuffed he might even smile in the next one. Maybe.
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