Still using fresh British milk, live Ic…

Still using fresh British milk, live Ic...


Still using fresh British 🇬🇧 milk, live Icelandic 🇮🇸 cultures and the best, simple ingredients, our bold, new flavours will have you clutching your pearls! .

Still naturally high in protein, still naturally high in calcium and still naturally no fat. Hesper’s award-winning skyr is smooth, creamy and deliciously uncomplicated. .

Which pot are you looking forward to trying first? . ➡️Simply Natural . ➡️Raspberry & Hibiscus . ➡️Damson, Blackberry & Blueberry . ➡️Cold Brew Coffee & Vanilla . ➡️Yuzu & Matcha (LIMITED EDITION) .

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Get your hands on some here: . ➡️At all @boothscountry stores you’ll find Simply Natural, Raspberry & Hibiscus and Damson and Blackberry & Blueberry from today. Cold Brew Coffee & Vanilla and Yuzu & Matcha will be in Booths stores from Jan 2020. . ➡️Independent UK stockists can stock our full range of new flavours from today, including: . * @keelhamfarmshop in #Skipton
* @robertshaws_farm_shop in #Bradford
* @fodder_harrogate in #Harrogate
* @townendfarmshop in #Airton .

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