We might have mentioned this once or twi…

We might have mentioned this once or twi...


We might have mentioned this once or twice but our skyr is the only one made with British 🇬🇧 milk and original bio-live Icelandic 🇮🇸 skyr cultures. We know they’re the original cultures because Icelandic skyr-master and Sam’s mentor Thorarinn personally delivered them to us here at Hesper. .

Sam trained with Throarinn, who sent us this message all the way from Iceland to celebrate the new-branding and flavour range. . (If you’re watching without sound, you’ll find the transcript of Thorrarin’s message below!) .

#skyr #hesperskyr #skyrmaster #graduatewith11 . “Hello Sam, it’s Thorarinn wishing you all the best from Iceland with the next chapter at Hesper.

It is amazing how things have developed with HESPER SKYR. I could not have dreamed about this success when I met you first – some years ago – on a Saturday morning down town Reykjavík.
I have met a lot of people with high dreams but only few of them are able to make the dream come true.
As a student you are one of the best – in fact on the scale from 1 – 10 I think I have to graduate you with 11!

I am comming over within too long to make sure things are at their best – all the best wishes from Iceland – the land of the original SKYR culture and heritage!” .

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