Wow… Fantastic article about sheep her…

Wow... Fantastic article about sheep her...

Wow… Fantastic article about sheep here, did you know tha— Eh? Oh, what the pancakes?

Yeah, Cold Brew Coffee & Vanilla Skyr pancakes. Really delicious, we’ll give you the recipe some time.

Anyway, about this sheep arti— What… like right this second?

Alright then:


450g of Hesper Cold Brew Coffee & Vanilla Skyr
2 medium free-range eggs
300ml of milk
225g of self-raising flour
25g of sugar
1 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Small amount of butter or oil (to grease pan)

Weighing scales
Measuring spoons
Mixing bowl
Frying pan

Put Hesper Skyr and eggs in a mixing bowl.
Add milk and whisk together.
Add the self-raising flour, sugar, baking powder, and bicarbonate of soda.
Whisk until lump-free.
Warm a hot frying pan over medium heat.
Add a little butter or oil and melt to grease the pan.
Add 4 tbsp (60ml or ¼ cup) of batter to the pan.
Fry for about 60 seconds until bubbles form on the surface.
Flip and fry for 30 seconds until golden on both sides.
Pile onto plates and load with your favourite toppings!

Now about those sheep…