High protein
Fat free
High calcium
Made on our farm
No refined sugar
Gluten free

Our skyr

One pot of skyr uses about four times the amount of milk as a standard pot of yoghurt, which is why it’s so high in protein and calcium. Not only that – it’s naturally fat-free. But not all skyr is created equal. We make ours using fresh milk from our champion, pedigree herd and original bio-live Icelandic skyr cultures, dating back to the year 874.

It’s the ancient Icelandic techniques we use (and a lot of patience) that makes all Hesper’s skyr so naturally thick and creamy. Above and beyond all of that it tastes unbelievably good. So good it’s gold-star rated and multi-award-winning.

cold brew
coffee  vanilla skyr



1KG / 2.5KG

High protein
low saturated fat
High calcium
vector made in yorkshire
No refined sugar
all natural
Fold lid to spoon


Our protein-packed pots of British-milk skyr topped with award-winning not so sweet wholegrain granola.